Would you like to marry a Nigerian prince?

Do you want your secrets to become public?

Would you like to give someone your wallet?

Our increasingly digital world brings us many benefits.

In addition to the benefits, with digitalization also come some dangers. The greatest of these dangers are cyber security threats.


Do you want a Nigerian prince to marry you?

Who among us, at least once in our lives, has not been greeted in the inbox by the tempting offer of an exotic sender who offers us wealth, tempting business cooperation or a gold mine in inheritance?

You just urgently need to pay a small amount of money for an airline ticket, some kind of bank fee or alike into an unknown account, and in return you will generously receive a multimillion amount to your account.

Of course, this scam is as old as the internet itself.


Who can be a victim of a
scam like this?

Well, just about anyone who has internet access! Whether it is an individual or an organization. Frequent targets of attacks are celebrities for whose piquancy from private or business life, hackers ask for enormous amounts of money in order not to publish them online.

One of the victims was Madonna, from whom hackers stole confidential business contracts. Everyone remembers the “leak” of confidential emails from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The victims of such attacks are often celebrities from the world of cinema and show business, but of course, the attacks are not limited only to them.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has become the victim of a hacker attack thanks to just one benign Instagram post. He posted a photo of a boarding pass from his flight from Sydney to Tokyo which was enough for the attackers to get to his cell phone number and passport number.

Even an entire city can become a victim of such scams. In 2017, U.S. Atlanta fell victim to a ransomware called WannaCry that blocked data access to most city services.

To get their data back, the city fathers were required to pay hackers more than $ 100,000 while the cost of repairing the total damage caused by this ransomeware damaged the city by more than $ 2.5 million. This hacking action compromised the data of many hospitals, schools, financial institutions, but also private companies that were doing business with the city.


How to protect yourself
of such content?

The key to protect oneself from such threats is primarily education and awareness of the situations from which this type of danger lurks. However, hacker attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to identify, even for people who are advanced users of digital tools.

For these reasons, the only way to stay completely secure is to leave the care of information security to 30SEC experts who, in addition to top expertise, have the most advanced technologies to prevent hacker attacks and thus keep your business data safe and secure.


How does 30SEC work in practice?


Within each organization, the system is specific, so there are almost no two customers with the same needs. The initial step in the implementation of the 30SEC Security Operations Center is to assess the current state of information security and to define the needs for the uninterrupted functioning of the system.


After the assessment, and following the customer’s wishes, needs and possibilities, Combis’s team of experts implements all the necessary hardware and software and offers its top human resources to meet the highest standards of information security.


After the implementation of the 30SEC service, you can sleep peacefully. Combis engineers and analysts use advanced software solutions to detect all possible threats to your information system and respond to them (antivirus protection, malware protection, firewall, e-mail security, web security). In addition, the collected data are analyzed (SIEM, SOAR) and based on that, we make suggestions for additional system improvements. Also, generated reports can be valuable as an input for various regulators or certification houses.

What are the benefits of the 30SEC service?

Fixed monthly costs

The user only pays for the service,
we are in charge of the equipment.

Knowledge and information sharing - in the case of hacker's attacks in Croatia and / or the region, the customer will be promptly notified of any threats.

Our experts are always at your disposal.

A modular solution - each customer can decide for the set of services which are the most suitable for their business.

Close cooperation with technical teams from equipment manufacturers (IBM, Palo Alto Networks, TrendMicro, Sophos,FireEye, Cisco).