With many years of experience in the field of information security, the team has certificates obtained at the most relevant institutes and training centers such as SANS, EC-Council, ISC2, CompTIA, Offensive Security, etc. In addition, the team’s expertise is confirmed by certificates of companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, IBM, Fireeye, TrendMicro…

Bojan Gradišar

I have been loyal to Combis for more than 13 years, and I have worked on many security projects in Croatia, the region and beyond. My specialty is solutions for strong authentication, user rights management, system audit and the like. I spend my free time with my family, and there is also sports.

Danijel Teslić

I narrowly specialize penetration testing, malware making, and social engineering. In 2016, I graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and immediately after employment fell in love with the world of offensive security, in which I continued my professional education (OSCE, OSCP, OSWP, SLAE). In my free time I play sports, music and hang out with my family.

Jakov Bikić

I graduated information and communication technology at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. I'm in charge of endpoint technologies. In my free time I like to play football and watch movies.

Filip Pavelić

Focused on system security, and even more specialized in e-mail traffic. I plan, organize and perform security implementations and take care of network infrastructure security. When I take a break from these tasks, I run to the mountains and check out what new vegetables I have in my garden.

Igor Sever

Independent system engineer for the field of computer security with 20 years of experience in IT. The job description includes conducting penetration tests, computer security audits, and implementing security surveillance products.

Darian Šarić

Offensive security engineer with very good statistics, both in Combis and on the basketball and football field. I found myself in security by accident, I started programming, but it seemed too monotonous for my character. As soon as I first stumbled upon penetration testing, that was it.

Augustin Anić

In my younger days, I showed significant defensive skills in my favorite sport, basketball. Combis's scouting team recognized these virtues of mine and gave me the assignement to care of defending e-mail and web communication of users. I use every ‘hole’ in my schedule to study advanced threats and actively participate in improvements to detection mechanisms within our security operating system.

Goran Živković

I have always loved computers and went to IT competitions. I like that things are very simply arranged in computer science: they either work or don’t. I have many years of security experience behind me, and now my focus is on the security operations center and the challenges and interesting things that go with it.

Ivan Šincek

I come from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, and I work as a system engineer for offensive security. Job descriptions range from various penetration testing to the development of security tools and malicious code for testing purposes. In my free time I practice dance, martial arts and learning new languages.

Luka Juss

I graduated from the Faculty of Traffic Sciences, I have been working at Combis for 4 years, and I mostly work with network security solutions (Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Fortinet) and SIEM solutions. Honestly, other security products are not foreign to me either. In my free time I actively play rugby in the Zagreb Rugby Club and travel the world.

Pero Kristić

I graduated from FER and my role in the Security Technologies Department is to protect computers and server infrastructure and to analyze security incidents. In my free time I rest, travel and try to play tennis.